Bebop Ambassador Partnership Announcement

Drone Film School is excited to announce that we have partnered with Parrot and Dronestagram as a member of the Bebop Ambassador program.  We’ll be getting a new Bebop drone and a Sky Controller to put through its paces over the summer.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Parrot’s drone designing capabilities have evolved since they released their last platform (the AR.Drone 2.o was the first drone I owned). We will keep you posted here throughout the summer as we test out this new flying camera and video platform.  If you would like to get more detailed news and insights from the community of Bebop Ambassadors please visit

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8 thoughts on “Bebop Ambassador Partnership Announcement

  1. Hello everyone I just joined DroneFilmSchool and I am really excited to see the projects filmed with the bebop and Skycontroller! My first introduction into the world of quad copters (drones) was the AR Drone by Parrot. So this project brings back fond memories for me.

    • Welcome and thanks for joining Drone Film School Jaime! I was happy to be accepted to join the Bebop Ambassadors and can’t wait to get started flying the Bebop and see how it compares to the AR.Drone and others on the market right now.

  2. Hi to everybody, nice to meet the Bebop Ambassador members, droneinstagram wrote me that the first sets of Bebop + Skycontroller have been shipped this week of june.
    Let’s wait ….. and fly safe.

    Best regards

    • great news about the Bebop shipments. Hopefully we’ll all get ours soon. Check out and fill out the form on the about page if you’re interested in contributing.

    • Welcome to Drone Film School Marco! I’m excited about connecting with all of the other Bebop Ambassadors out there. I love hearing about how other people are using drone and camera technology – it’s the best way to learn.

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