#ExperienceWonder with Drone Film School at the DJI announcement event April 8th

#ExperienceWonder7 April – Drone Film School has been invited to participate in the April 8th #ExperienceWonder DJI product announcement event in New York City!  We’ll keep adding to this article as we learn more about the product announcement and form some opinions.  If you want to get updates in real time just follow Drone Film School on Instagram and/or Twitter.  Can’t wait!

15 April – OK, I’ve had some time to digest all the news surrounding DJI’s Phantom 3 announcement and the excitement of attending a New York City launch party has worn off.  I don’t think that the Phantom 3 is going to live up to the “game changer” marketing hype.  Don’t get me wrong, with the Phantom 3, DJI has reaffirmed themselves as one of the leaders in the personal drone industry.  They refreshed the Phantom line with everything that was expected in order to keep up with the competition, but there wasn’t anything surprising (except maybe the YouTube live streaming, but we’ll talk about that later).

Incremental Improvements

  • 4K video (had to be done to compete with the GoPro Hero 4 Black)
  • Vision Positioning (about time, Parrot introduced this technology on a consumer drone in 2010)
  • More powerful rotor motors
  • Better positioning by adding GLONASS in addition to GPS (smart move to counter the “fly away” complaints)

Leveraging Inspire 1 Research and Development

  • New controller (solid choice to get the benefit of merging manufacturing)
  • DJI Pilot app (with the notable absence of waypoints that’s available in the Ground Station app for Phantom 2 Vision+)

(to be continued…)


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