Update your Inspire 1 firmware now

Inspire newDJI released firmware v1.2.1.0 today that has a long list of improvements and bug fixes for their Inspire 1 drone.  It takes about a half hour to update both the drone itself as well as the controller, but the results are incredible.  This is now the drone that lives up to all of the marketing hype.

Minutes after taking off following the firmware update I could tell there was a marked difference in how the Inspire handled in the air.  Flying was insanely smooth and the controls were more responsive than they have ever been – I was in complete control.  Upon take-off, the landing gear automatically raised after getting to a safe altitude above the ground (about 4 feet high) and automatically lowered at two and a half feet.  You can turn this feature off if you want to perform these functions manually, but I’ll be keeping it to prevent me from flying around with the landing gear down because I forgot to raise it.

DJI claims to have solved the two biggest problems that I’ve been complaining about:

1. Reduced likelihood that the aircraft will automatically switch to P-ATTI mode when encountering interference or other errors during flight.

This has happened to me more than once and was driving me crazy.  It seemed like it happened every time I was flying at a high rate of speed near a tree or other obstacle and instead of “hitting the brakes” when I let off the sticks the Inspire would just keep sliding toward danger like it was in manual (P-ATTI) mode.

2.  Solved issue of sudden gimbal drift during flight.

Re-calibrating the compass and IMU before every flight did reduce what I was calling gimbal jumping, but it was still happening at least once or twice per flight and making otherwise great video sequences useless when I discovered the jumping in post production.

Here is the full list of improvements from DJI:

  • Reduced likelihood that the aircraft will automatically switch to P-ATTI mode when encounteringinterference or other errors during flight.
  • Solved issue of sudden gimbal drift during flight.
  • Enabled aircraft to initialize and takeoff from a moving surface.
  • Added intelligent landing gear feature: landing gear will automatically raise when the aircraft reaches an altitude of 1.2m for the first time, and automatically lower every time it descends to 0.8m. Users can turn this feature ON/OFF in the Pilot app.
  • Updated No-Fly zones, please refer to http://flysafe.dji.com/no-fly/ for the updated zones.
  • Optimized Return to Home. Now allows the pilot to interrupt the aircraft when ascending by moving the throttle stick up/down if it is at an altitude of 20 meters or more.
  • Added a reminder to the Pilot app that will alert the user to perform a full Intelligent Flight Battery charge/discharge cycle when required.
  • Added a reminder to the Pilot app reminding the user to fully charge the Intelligent Flight Battery before the first flight.
  • Altitude limited to 120 meters when in non-GPS mode.
  • Optimized the OSD display for HDMI devices.
  • Pilot app updated to show the complete firmware version instead of individual component versions.
  • When changing the Home Point to the RC’s location, added an alert to the Pilot app to tell the user the distance between the new Home Point and the previous one.
  • Added more descriptions to explain why the aircraft enters P-ATTI/ATTI mode in the app.
  • Added more details to the Pilot app on the aircraft status when in Return to Home mode.
  • Gimbal will stop moving if it detects that the camera’s USB port is connected to another device.
  • Optimized gimbal calibration feature.
  • Optimized Vision Positioning System stability

Make sure you remember to calibrate the compass (mandatory) and the IMU (optional but a good idea) before your first flight after installing the update.  Let us know in the comments what you think about the update.  How did your firmware update go?  Did you notice the same major improvement that we did?

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